Quick Qualified Traffic As Opposed to Long Term Returns

Grow Brand Awareness Quickly

Our site helps you catch the wave of quick, quality traffic to get your name out there in no time. Let's put your brand on the fast track to recognition and buzz!

Benefits of Ads

Quick Results

Target Specific Entities

Trackable ROI

Unlike organic SEO or SMM. PPC & Paid Ads can help you get instant traction!

Focus on specific search engine queries or run targeted ads for your niche!

Keep a track of the ROAS, to spend wisely for the best bang for the buck!

Our Process

Different PPC/Social media ad strategies fit different agencies based on where you are in your journey. Not all five fingers are equal now, are they?

Lyra Digital will assess these concepts and more in order to determine what the best PPC and Ad strategy is for you.

1. Diligent Research

We thoroughly dig into the details from keyword research to discovering what your competitors are up to, in terms of where they’re spending their money and how much in order to develop a solid strategy on any platform.

2. Content Development & Population

Once the strategy is settled, it’s time to get started on content development. Whether it’s building a whitepaper from scratch or putting together a product demo video, the Lyra team is full of resources that can make it happen.

3. Continuous Optimization

Our work doesn't end once your campaign is launched – in fact it's only the beginning. The research from step one points us in the right bearing but in order to get the most out of any PPC campaign, using analytics for continuous optimization is key.


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